Illing Middle School Visit
March 25, 2019 

Randi Mendes and Julia Czarnecki attended Illing Middle School with other graduate engineering students from John Lof Leadership Academy and spent the day talking about UConn and our engineering programs and sparked students towards the field of engineering through the use of fun, active learning. Julia and Randi taught students about environmental engineering through the construction of water filtration apparatuses.

daVinci Program

The daVinci Program is targeted to help post-elementary school STEM teachers integrate environmental engineering into the classroom. Dr. Vadas helps out in the program by leading a workshop titled “Monitoring and Maintaining Stream Health in a Developed Watershed”, including an activity where participants collect and survey macroinvertebrates.

Women in Engineering Day Lab Visit
2017- Present

Dr. Vadas’ lab group opened up their lab to high school girls to talk to them about environmental engineering, college, and graduate school.

High School Researchers

Joshua Zhang – CT Science Fair Honorable Mention

Catherine Herrick, a high school student mentored by Prof. Timothy Vadas in Fall 2016 won a bronze medal in the Genius Olympiad. Catherine’s topic was “The investigation of pharmaceutical water pollution uptake in radishes, Raphanus Sativus”.